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Blending Wine And Weed: Is It A California Dream Or Nightmare?

In the luxurious world, Northern California is celebrated for two intoxicants — wine and weed. With recreational pot going to be legitimate in the Golden State, some cannabis business people are looking to the wine business as a model.

On the exquisite patio of a winery sitting above the vineyard-secured slopes of Sonoma County, north of San Francisco, twelve welcomed visitors are tasting pinot noir, snacking appetizers and taking hits off a water pipe.

They have desired a homestead to-table supper of kale plate of mixed greens, broiled vegetables and barbecued flatiron steak combined with wine and certain sorts of pot.

"What we've discovered so far is that sativas run well with whites, indicas run well with reds," says Sam Edwards, leader of the Sonoma Cannabis Company.

He's a piece of the rising pot-for-delight industry that tries to get an offer of the almost $2 billion tourism business in Sonoma Valley with occasions this way.

"What we're starting is merging cannabis with wine and nourishment in a curated dinner that offers the best of all universes," says Edwards. "I surmise that the wine business is going to truly need to be a piece of the cannabis business, since I feel like there's presumably a safe future in that," says Domi Heckei, a 32-year-old specialized curriculum educator who went to the wine-and-weed supper.

While cannabis individuals are eager to co-showcase with wine, wine individuals are adopting a sit back and watch strategy. Maybe a couple of the wine exchange affiliations reached for this story needed to remark on the happening to cannabis. One long-lasting Sonoma winemaker recognized "a specific level of fear" among his associates.

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