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The feds are looking into Colorado’s weed black market

Officials from the DEA and the White House have quietly been holding meetings in Colorado to discuss the marijuana black market, heightening concerns that federal authorities could be planning a crackdown in states with legal weed.

A meeting Wednesday in Colorado Springs was supposed to be secret, but local news station KKTV staked it out and filmed attendees coming and going. The participants reportedly included two DEA officials and representatives from the Justice Department, the Office of National Drug Control Policy, and the office of Vice President Mike Pence. The feds met with the mayor of Colorado Springs, the town’s chief of police, a local doctor, and a school district official.


Government Finds Ghost Centres In Skill India Mission, Crackdown Begins

Sunil Kumar last year put his life savings to start a skills training centre in Alwar, Rajasthan. The centre was inspected and approved in January. He also received an advance for the first batch of trainees. Mr Kumar was glad he had let himself be inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision to train the youth and get them jobs. A few months down the line, he isn't so sure any more. The owner of the training centre says the government stopped setting targets for his centre, and the money. "Now, I have no idea where this project is headed," Mr Kumar told NDTV, worried that at this rate, "we will all be unemployed".

His only consolation; he isn't the only one. There are hundreds of such centres across India, which meet the criteria set by the government under the Prime Minister's Skill Development Scheme but aren't getting the targets, or the money. Most of these are in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana.

Centres such as the one run by Mr Kumar are the collateral casualties in the government's attempt to smoke out ghost training centres that got certificates from the National Skill Development Corporation to prove their existence. But remain invisible on the ground.

In an investigation done last week, NDTV was able locate such ghost centres.

One such centre is located 60 kilometres from the national capital in Greater Noida. On its website, the National Skill Development Corporation says the SPEJ center in Greater Noida has a target to train 480 students in beauty and hairdressing.

It doesn't. What was meant to be a training centre in official records is a hostel for boys. The security guard confirmed this is all it was. "This is a boys' hostel. No courses are taught here," he said.

In Jaswantnagar town in Etawah district of Uttar Pradesh, the government's website lists a footwear design institute. When NDTV reached the address, it turned out to be wedding hall.

Officials at the skills development ministry said they were trying to weed out such centres from its list.

An internal audit by the ministry had indicated that nearly 7 per cent of all training centres funded by the government did not exist. Of those that did exist, one in five centres, or 21 per cent, did not have the basic equipment needed to impart skills training. An equal proportion did not have a placement cell to help the young pass-outs get a job.

Officials say it was the Quality Council of India that appeared to have slipped up; the body responsible for the inspections and accreditation of all skill India training centres across the country.

Erin Gore markets cannabis-implanted desserts for ladies, under the name Garden Society.

She wedded into a group of grape cultivators, and this is her interpretation of why those in Sonoma County might be uneasy:

"Going down (U.S. Parkway) 101 are ... every one of the vineyards going to get tore out and it's just going to be pot? How awful is it going to smell? A major thing is, everybody will get ransacked. Many individuals are stressed over maryjane stoned driving."

Truth be told, Sonoma is as of now attempting to suit its 469 wineries. Despite the fact that wine tourism is the soul of the economy, inhabitants whine about the interminable uncommon occasions at wineries, the congested streets and drunk drivers. Adding cannabis to the blend just elevates those worries.

"We have a few difficulties, some combined effects from wineries and tasting rooms," says First District County Supervisor Susan Gorin. "What's more, now here comes cannabis."

Oregon, where recreational pot has been lawful for a long time, has had some cross-fertilization amongst wine and cannabis, however the huge analysis is here on the north bank of California.

Sonoma County expects such a large number of utilizations for cannabis arrive utilize grants that it has employed 14 extra controllers. There are rules for groundwater administration, obligatory utilization of sustainable power source, misfortunes from parkways and schools, and prerequisites for expound security designs.

"Without a sad remnant of an uncertainty, cannabis will be the most troublesome yield to develop in Sonoma County," says Fifth District County Supervisor Lynda Hopkins.

The vineyards possess all the great land, and nobody knows whether they'll need to venture into cannabis development, as a modest bunch have done in Oregon.

Tom Rodrigues, who possesses Maple Creek Winery in the slopes of neighboring Mendocino County, is bullish on the controlled business cannabis showcase. Rodrigues sits on two admonitory sheets — one for cannabis, one for wine. He says he develops pot for individual utilize, however has no plans to slap the Maple Creek mark on the green, resinous buds.

"My first enthusiasm is the wine," he says. "On the off chance that the laws were distinctive I could develop (cannabis) since I have 164 sections of land here. However, I would need to move my tasting room off the property, in light of the fact that the law is that you can't be offering liquor and developing cannabis on a similar property."

As far as the market, Rodrigues thinks fine wine consumers are a characteristic customer base for Emerald Triangle cannabis.

"I address individuals consistently here in the tasting room and individuals need to think about it. It's never again secretive. 'I'm from Iowa, I've heard Mendocino County has extraordinary cannabis. Where would i be able to get a few?' " Rodrigues says.

They'll need to hold up until Jan. 1. That is when retail recreational maryjane opens for business in California.

At a wine and weed supper held at a Northern California winery, the offerings on an appetizers table incorporate cannabis lemonade.

John Burnett/NPR

A review was accessible at the current Cannabis Business Summit and Expo down the expressway in Oakland. Sellers were there peddling the most recent in cannabis cultivate security, protection, composts, develop lights, fertilized soils and consumables.

Humberto Torres is the COO of GFarma Labs, an organization that implants chocolates and lemonades, and offers cannabis bud.

In Sonoma County, the discussion is about the marriage of wine and cannabis, yet at the public exhibition, Torres considers liquor to be the opposition. "Rather than returning home and presenting myself with a glass of chardonnay," he says, "I'd make a (cannabis) tea, 2 ½ milligrams, and take that and attempt to bring some relief."

The two enterprises will meet up one month from now interestingly at the Wine and Weed Symposium in the city of Santa Rosa to investigate collaboration and rivalry.

What will north drift visitors be searching for: a wine with notes of berry, cowhide, and an insight of quince or a joint that conveys a quieting body buzz with a cerebral innovative lift — or both?

Nevada considers crisis tenets to address lack of legitimate weed

About seven days after Nevada dispensaries started offering lawful weed, the state's legislature is thinking about crisis enactment to address a lack of weed.

The Nevada Tax Commission will vote this Thursday on new standards possibly extending the quantity of stores that can legitimately offer cannabis, as indicated by Salt Lake City's Fox 13. The commission revealed in an announcement that a large portion of the state's 47 dispensaries had just come up short on pot.

The vote will choose whether alcohol wholesalers will be permitted to offer the medication, conveying to a head a fight in court between the state and the neighborhood alcohol retailers, who have been battling to benefit on the recently authorized maryjane industry.

"In view of reports of grown-up utilize pot deals effectively far surpassing the business' desires at the state's 47 authorized retail pot stores, and the truth that many stores are coming up short on stock, the Department must address the absence of merchants promptly," the announcement said. "A few foundations report the requirement for conveyance inside the following a few days."

Inside the primary few days of legitimate recreational cannabis, deals totaled around $3 million, as indicated by the Nevada Dispensary Association.

Dispensaries in the state commended the change by opening their stores at midnight the day the deals ended up plainly legitimate, expecting vast group in the stores and notwithstanding setting off firecrackers.

Nevada voters endorsed the authorization in November, and deals started on July 1.

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